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Some helpful Farmville cheats, tips, tricks and hints I have found that (kind of) prove my Farmville addiction


[Since I first posted the following tips about Farmville on Facebook,  I have come to realize that over time there will likely always be more new game tips that I can add to the info already given out here.  Because of this I encourage you to check out the comments section below and please feel free to post with any feedback that yopu might want to share with other readers.]

My wife loves Facebook but despite this fact, she truly loathes the widely popular Farmville game app that she sees so many people on there playing.  she knows that I play farmville on Facebook – she has even been in the same room as me and busted my ass when she heard me playing the game while logged in to Facebook back when I was playing the game without muting the animal sound effects (whoops).  Despite the muted hostility I have endured from my Wife, I am still guilty of devoting some time almost daily to this horrifyingly addictive game.  One of the most brilliant things that Zynga, the company behind the game, has done is realize early on that to keep people hooked and coming back regularly, you have to introduce new facets or aspects to the game on a regular basis.  Zynga has done this very effectively and this is likely the biggest reason that I have kept coming back when I honestly thought that I was bored with it and really done with the game. At least it has not got to the point where I am playing farmville on ipad.

Okay, you probably clicked on this post because you were under the impression that I was going to offer up a few Farmville tricks and tips that I have figured out all on my lonesome over time and therefore you don’t want to really waste your valuable reading/skimming time on my own back story or on just how evilly addictive I think the game is (Farmville addiction – eewww, *shiver*), therefore I will just get right to it.  Just so you know, I won’t be offering up any kind of farmville mastery chart or farmville guide because I think that you can find those just about anywhere on the web if you do a little searching.  I also will not be encouraging anybody to go and buy farmville gift cards at target or 7-11 or anywhere else because I think that spending anything more than time on the game is a personal choice – if you think that buying farmville gift cards is a good idea great, have fun using them on the game, otherwise just stick to playing it for free.(at the cost of just your precious time – and maybe a relationship, lol)

One of the early tricks that I stumbled upon is one that I am pretty sure is widely known by now, and that is the one where you block off your avatar’s starting position on your farm so that he or she cannot move from there; by doing this of course, you can enjoy the benefit of near instant plowing of the field, seeding of the plowed field, and harvesting of the ready crops.  Of course it is important to remember that every time you upgrade your farm to a bigger acreage, the position of the farmer changes to reflect this and the blocked off area might have to be readjusted to make sure that the farmer is once again blocked from going anywhere.

The next few tips and hints are ones that I have come across more recently or ones that are relevant to more recent developments in the facebook farmville game and because of this I honestly can’t say how well known or widespread these different farmville hints are.  I just know that these various farmville tricks have worked for me and that is why I am sharing them here.  BTW, anything that I mention here is quite legal and will not get you in trouble with the people at Zynga who created and run the game.  Obviously this means that I am not about to reveal any super sneaky farmville cheat codes or  how to download and use any farmville autoclickers or bot programs to cheat your way to the top. (those are something else that I am sure can be found elsewhere easily enough)

One sneaky way I have found to get yourself some free XP, cash and bonus items on a regular basis, is by joining up with any co-op project that one of your neighbors starts up. If you find a project with at least three or more people already taking part in it, then you can probably just sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labours without ever lifting a finger. (just by expending the effort it took to click the mouse on the join button)  I figured this one out after trying to help out with a project with  several members a few times and realizing that the needed number of seeds had already been planted and that because of this my contribution did not count towards the needed totals; despite this fact, I still received all the bonuses that everyone else on the project got: xp, cash and a bonus item.  “Sweet”, I thought.   This made me realize that you can get something for nothing in farmville.  If you feel guilty that you are leeching in this way, or your farmville neighbours have a problem with you benefitting from their ‘hard work’, then you can always avoid joining a well supported project or at least make sure to plant a few seeds to  help the cause or even make sure to gift each member of the team and fertalize their crops and thank them for doing such a good job on the project. (suck, suck, kiss, kiss)

This next tip is a bit sketchy or even close to being a ‘glitch’ in the game mechanics but I say use it while it still works.  The opposite of the last tip is something that I should call ‘failure projects’.  The idea here is that you should constantly have a project in progress.


The reason is that anytime you take part in a co-op project and assuming that at least one member of it plants a seed and harvests at least one bushel during the project, one person in the said project will be named the project MVP.  This means that if you start a project and plant just a handful of seeds and harvest them (and assuming that no one else joins the project and plants and harvests more crops than you-important!) you will be named the mvp for your project.  ‘So what’, you ask? ‘I didnt get anything for that project’, you complain.  True, but you got the mvp, and if you get a enough of them, then in time  you will get a ribbon, some xp and some cash.  Keep it up and you will get more ribbons, xp and cash down the line – all for doing next to nothing!  To help speed this process up, make sure to choose the shorter projects and to always have a project on the go.

Here is another concept to keep in mind: choose trees and animals over their byproducts when asking for gifts because in the long run you will get more of apayoff from them.   Not only do you get ribbons for having increasing numbers of trees or animals, by choosing trees and animals over the ingredients they provide, you are giving yourself a replenishing supply of those ingredients that you will probably need for some time limited promotion in the future.(the current one at the time I am writing this is the Tuscan Wedding which has you needing to stockpile eggs, olives, goat milk and truffles – all things that can be got from trees and animals, again and again)   Also keep in mind that every time you ask your neighbours for ingredients you are getting just one serving whereas the animals and trees that they could give you will give again and again – much better than a single serving! Just figure out the source for the ingredients each time you see a new limited time project and start asking.  I even tell my neighbors in a message with the request why the tree or animal is better to help boost or improve the response rate since giving some helpful advice can get a better response from people.

Here is another one: make sure to have a market stall on your farm and also make sure that there is space inside it to store the next crop you are about to harvest because you want to be able to store it during the harvest phase.  This way the next time that you are about to harvest the same type of crop you will be able to use up one of your stored bushels to gain either extra mastery points or better still, extra XP if you have already finished mastering that particular crop!  Think about that: if you can get extra xp for each bushel that you harvest for a particular crop,  that could be a lot of extra xp per harvest, and that could mean rising up through the levels in farmville much faster than you might have believed that you could without spending any real money on the game!  Remember this too: if you switch to a new crop, you should try and keep some space in your market stall because you want to be able to store bushels of the new crop to have for the second time you harvest the new crop. (as well as the third time and the fourth and the fifth, etc. )

Something else about crops and choosing the most rewarding crops to plant and harvest on your farm.  When I think about crops to plant on farmville, I make the assumption that the crops with the best combination of xp and cash earned for planting combined with a decent harvest time are the ones that you would most likely want to plant on your farm, right? Assuming that you are one of the typical farmville players who is logging into facebook a few times a day but is not really interested in logging into farmville every time they are on facebook, the best crop would be one that can be harvested in a day.  Of those kinds of crops, the best ones that I have seen are the following: grapes, peas and purple peas.  At the lower levels, grapes are a crop that you can plant that give you good return on investment, that gives you back 2 xp and only take one day to grow and be ready for harvest.  At the higher levels (at least in the low forties which is where I am at right now) the really good crops (at least I believe) are the ones that give you 3xp and good money back and only take one day to finish growing and harvest.  Peas are especially good for return on money spent.

Of course if you are someone who only wants to play farmville every few days or the opposite, the kind of player who wants to maximize their time efficiency by growing multiple crops on their fields in one day, then obviously different crop choices than the ones mentioned above would be ideal for you.

So there you have it; there are so many little things that one could do to maximize the results they get from their time spent on farmville and I have just offered up a few of these that anyone can use to their benefit.  Of course for those of you that want more, that have decided that they want to achieve more for while playing the game (and there are definitely many of you out there) there are a few resources out there that offer you information that will likely help you to really take your farmville game to the next level.  The information offered out there includes tips on how to seriously increase the amount of farm cash that you can earn and earn quickly as well as other sneaky ways to climb up the levels a lot faster.  The one that seems to be the most popular out there is the Farmville Secrets ebook that has been available to people online for the last while and which apparently gets updated on a regular basis.  If you are someone who is  interested in this kind of advanced information and strategies, then you can visit the farmville secrets site by clicking here.

Happy farming addiction everybody!