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Why I love the new DCnU sales numbers of September 2011

… and why I think you are missing the mark, Mr. Johnston, …

Anybody who keeps up on comicbook news is already aware that the relaunched DC line is selling pretty well. Okay, that is an understatement. The line is selling really, really well with some of the flagship titles such as Batman and Action selling over 100,000, and the Jim Lee and Geoff Johns JLA #1 reportedly selling over 200,000 copies.

  Okay this is impressive and I don’t want to waste any time making any observations about ‘yeah, but where will they be in sales in six months from now?” because that is just too obvious: of course there will be a drop off in sales, but really so what? The meat of this news/this info is that these high numbers were actually even reached at all in this day and age of shrinking sales and readership numbers. Of course the numbers will drop down, but what we will all be waiting to see (or at least we should all be waiting to see) is the readership retension down the road. I for one think that higher numbers in comic sales is always a great thing for the hobby I love and I hope that I am pleasantly surprised a few months from now.

 Rich Johnston over at Bleeding Cool felt compelled to point out that the high sales numbers for JLA 1 were not as record breaking for 2011 as DC liked to claim, claiming that other books such as Teen Monica’s Gang (from Brazil) routinely sell in the hundreds of thousands each issue. Okay, that’s nice but really, so what? So what if a book aimed at a teen market in Brazil (which last time I checked was not quite in North America) sells more than that regularly? I think that the point being missed here was how a book in North America was selling really well for at least the time being.  Johnston’s comments felt to me like they were ill presented and ended up coming off as an attempt to throw a wet blanket over some genuine good news.

Here is how it is: for fans of comics in North America, what matters is the sales of books in North America – not books in Japan or Brazil or even England. If the books we love here dont sell here they will eventually no longer be published here or anywhere.

On a side note, I have to wonder if at this point Marvel could really match DC for short term sales for their line if they really wanted to? Even if they trashed their current continuity and relaunched their line with a lower total of books all starting with a new #1 issue and with top creators on them at least at the start, I suspect that because of all of the recent reboots and relaunches that Marvel has done, they would be very hard pressed to match the initial success of DC and their line of new 52 books. Of course that’s just my own feelings on the issue. I kind of hope that we dont see something like this from Marvel too soon because it would really just come off as another case of Marvel being oh so unoriginal…

Grab ‘Em Now! September 21st Edition

Hey there!

My latest offering for you to buy now and potentially save some moolah by not procrastinating, comes from a publisher out of Europe called Humanoids. Humanoids publishing is known for their line of more mature science fiction/fantasy graphic novels such as the Incal and Technopriests. Years ago, Humanoids had an agreement with DC comics to have their books distributed in North America by DC but after some time that distribution agreement fell apart and we did not see many if any Humanoids books around these parts after that. At the time that meant projects like I Am Legion were just left hanging for years.

For the last year however, Humanoids books have been showing up on comicbook store and indy bookstore shelves in increasing frequency and have looked pretty nice in the process. Now the reason I am mentioning this as a GEN post is because of an off handed comment that a comicstore manager made to me recently about how one of the recent books is already pretty much unavailable as a reorder for them. He said that the Mad Woman Of The Sacred Heart hardcover is sold out right now, so later I went online and searched around for it and found that on sites like ebay and amazon it was selling at prices well above cover and at other smaller retail sites it was either sold out or close to being sold out. Browsing around a bit more showed me that another Humanoids book, Screaming Planet (hardcover) is similarly becoming hard to find online at suggested retail price.

Okay, there you go; if you have seen these books, thought that they look pretty sweet and might be worth picking up sometime, you should probably make that time now…