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Darth Vader’s Thermos or, ‘I have you now – but first some tea!’

‘I have you now – but first some tea!’

I recently re-watched the final battle scene of the original Star Wars (Part 4, A New Hope, etc.) and something stood out that completely changed my way of viewing the end of that movie. Because of this one tiny detail, my perception of the ending of Star Wars has forever been altered:

Darth Vader’s Thermos.

If Darth Vader hadn’t been so obsessed with opening his thermos for a quick sip of Rooibos during battle, he would have killed young Luke and subsequently saved his beloved Deathstar.

Before you start asking the obvious questions like, ‘what the f#%k are you talking about?’ and  ‘Darth Vader’s Thermos?’, let me elaborate. During the final epic space battle, the Sith Lord is clearly seen twisting some kind of knobby-looking contraption in front of him. Of course many would assume that to just be some kind of Empire Tie Fighter standard issue targeting device, but come on – you are telling me that in a star fighter as advanced as Vader’s Tie-Fighter, they would ever install something as clumsy as a device that requires the pilot to repeatedly twist it during combat? I think not.

I think that what we have here is clear video evidence of Lord Vader’s unhealthy obsession with hot beverages.

Here first, is a scene that includes (albeit brief) evidence of his being distracted by his beverage obsession during a key moment of battle:

via ytCropper

Next, I have zeroed in to the precious few seconds that may have cost the Empire its precious Deathstar:

via ytCropper

I rest my case.

Epic fail, Lord Vader, epic, epic fail.