Sony sends me a new pouty Peter Parker

I just received a promotional email from sony Pictures which contained what they are calling the first¬† official image from the upcoming spider-Man movie, starring Andrew Garfield as spider-Man. (they included a message imploring all Spiderman fans who received it to ‘like’ them on their Facebook page, but, ehhh, that’s not really my style when it comes to only having a slight interest in something)

I already knew that Tobey Maguire was not going to be in the next movie but until now I had no conception of how the newcomer would look in the role.¬† Well, after looking at just this one image, I have to say that I don’t think the movie looks horrible. lol Actually, I think it is a good sign that they have chosen to go with someone who has the more scrawny or wiry look of a Peter Parker compared to Maguire who always seemed to me to be ajust a bit too buff in the part. Don’t get me wrong – I thought Maguire was great in the role, just that his build might have been one of the things that never quite fit the mold of the source material for me. All you have to do is look at Garfield’s arms to see that he is probably a closer fit to the younger Spidey/Peter Parker of the comics.

Here is the image that I was talking about so you can decide for yourself: (he even has the pouty Peter Parker look down pat!)

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7 Responses to Sony sends me a new pouty Peter Parker

  1. I think Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield may win the best bromance award (well, besides from Paris and Steel – but they’re in love).

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