Hello, my name is Stephen and I have an addiction problem.  I collect comic books and I can’t stop. Well, maybe I could stop, but the truth is that I don’t really want to.  As a natural development of this addiction, or ‘hobby’,  I have made my annual pilgrimage to the fine city of Seattle for the emerald City Comicon, a three day smorgasbord of comics and other entertainment mediums featuring a guest list of many, many comics pros and upcoming indy creators.

With my next few posts, I plan to recount some of my experiences at this year’s show.  I hope to be able to include some pictures of people in costumes, of some sketches and art I picked up, as well as some pictures and video clips of some key silver age comics that were on display at one of the dealers tables. This was acool thing to come across and probably the closest I will ever come to such classic comic books as Amazing Fantasy# 15, Spider-man #1 and Fantastic Four #1.

See you again soon…

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