Just when you thought you were out, Farmville pulls you back in, again (and an idea for bonus XP)…

I have to just come right out and admit it: even though I don’t have any way to justify the time that it wastes that I will never get back, and even though I should obviously be spending my time doing something – anything else more productive (even if it is something else on the internet), I still do find myself skulking around on Farmville.

I know! I know! I shouldn’t be on there! I shouldn’t have anything to do with such a time waster! It just – it just seems to be a nagging addiction of sorts that calls me back every so often to feed a hungering urge deep in the back of my brain…

Anyway, I just thought I would share a recent tiny revelation I had about gaining extra or bonus Farmville XP with any of you who happen to be fellow Farmville suffers and happen to be here visiting my site. (thanks for that, by the way)

So here is how you can get bonus or extra Farmville XP EVERY TIME a Farmville neighbor visits your farm and purchases or buys a crafted item from you ( a bottle, a lotion, or loaf or whatever it is you are selling ) the game offers yo  a bonus and asks you to choose your bonus from either 400 gold coins, 15 plots worth of fuel, or 10 XP. Now I was almost always going for the XP because I want to go up levels and gain Farm Cash. (d’uh, who doesn’t?)

Well the other day I was pondering this offer and started to question which bonus was better than the others and would actually reward you more? Well, I figured it out: always go for the coins. The reason for this is pretty simple. When you take the coins you are getting enough coins (400) to buy four 100 coin items, each one giving you 5 XP. So if you do the very simple math, 400 coins / 100 coin items x 5 XP each = 20 XP! There you go, by taking the money and spending it on 100 coin items – such as the basic hay bales, you get twice the XP and after you sell back the items you would get back at least 20 coins so you actually could end up with 20 XP and 20 coins as your bonus. This is not much I admit, but if you have several friends buying from you each day, then it can all add up; if you have 7 or 8 friends a day buying from you then you will get over 1000 free bonus xP each week using this simple method.

Of course this is all still a waste of your time because you shouldn’t be playing this evil game in the first place, right? So if you can bring yourself to stop playing, great.  But if you cannot keep away from your addiction, then at least take some minor solace in using my easy little XP scoop idea…

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    yeah nice

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