The first step on a (hopefully) lengthy journey…

Well hello there fellow internet traveller.  welcome to the first real post on my blog.  I say first “real” post because, as you may know, with WordPress, the first actual post on any blog that you start is the “Hello World” post.  It is nothing more than a sampler – buy it is technically apost on the blog. I suppose I could have just deleted it and then I would not have had to qualify anything in the first place. At the same time, however,  it seems sad to have scarcely begun posting on here and to already be deleting posts – even pseudo-posts, y’know?

What was I talking about again?

Oh right.  Welcome to yet another new blog on the interweb  (and a wordpress blog at that) – wow that is super original, right?  We don’t see many of these on the net today, eh? I won’t make any claims about trying to be different or fresh or new in any way since, until you are actually doing those things it is just talk.  What I can promise any potential readers out there is that it will be filled with my opinions, for better or for worse(*I’m hoping that it’s for the better, lol)…

BTW, if you are wondering about what significance (if any) that the name of this blog, web wreckage, has for me, the answer is: none really.  I just was trying to think of something catchy that I could go with as a title for my blog which would not be limiting in any way and which could also describe so much of what we see everyday on the web – the clutter of internet info that very quickly becomes almost like debris fallen to the side of the information highway.  How’s that for some flowery hyperbole?

Okay, maybe that means that there is some significance to that title after all.  Silly me…

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